Spyglass Webcam Archive

The Spyglass webcam is located in Holland Michigan, near Holland State Park and is focused on the pier lights at Holland Channel.


Holland State Park covers about 142 acres on the northern side of Holland Channel, which connects Lake Macatawa with Lake Michigan.

Holland Channel












Holland Channel is ranked 51st among the Great Lakes Harbors based on five year average (2006-2010) tonnage. Average tonnage for that period was 360,000 tons of material shipped and received.

See current water craft activity based on Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS) data.


The Webcam picture is uploaded every 30 seconds and runs 24/7. It is a favorite of people all over the world, as well as local fishermen, beach goers, surfers and paddle boat enthusiasts who wonder what Lake Michigan is looking like on any given day.


Here's what Holland Channel looks like right now.

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